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BMW M3 engines are serious Power Machines

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Dec 19,2013

BMW M3 was exclusively built to spread happiness and satisfy racing enthusiasts. These M3 sport versions came with built-in track suspensions, aluminium doors and S-Series of powerful engines. These engines were based on S14, S50, S52 and S54 Series of BMW engine line-up. The M3 was the BMW Motorsport edition of the E30 3 Series. S14 engines are very powerful with four cylinder assembly and they are further refreshed by development of M10 units with compact dimensions. Main encouraging factors are dimensions of engine series, and reason for BMW to select this engine for its motorsport series from 1986 to 1991. It is a high revving engine specially designed for racing applications and it combines  four cylinder engine block from M10 with four valve cylinder head which was used on six cylinder engines as M88 and S38 series.

BMW M3 engines offer special features for power variations including independent throttle system for each cylinder, mechanical valve timing system with advanced intake and exhaust port functionality. Crankshafts are inspired from M88 engine series and exclusively equipped with eight counterweights. This highly efficient and modified engine was capable of producing 200bhp of power whereas a further refreshed S14 engine is capable of generating 220bhp of power and used for small production run on limited models of M3 EVO.

BMW is famous for its inline engines and they used them because of smoothness and performance of inline engines, these engines give a crispy sound and are even longer than V6 engines. These BMW engines used aluminium block cylinder liners to get 3.2 litres equalling power punch and displacement devoid of extra length engine block.   The S54 engine is equipped with step less Double VANOS system, which diverge valve timing on the intake and exhaust camshafts. Though Double VANOS is used in the M3 engine series, it has varied timing over a broad series.

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