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BMW M3 is 40 Years Old

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Apr 16,2013

BMW built the first M series car in 1979 which was the first unofficial M5 and then there was a 6 Series M635i which had 286bhp. The finest M car ever built was the E30 M3. From its special flared wheel arches to its dog-legged gearbox, little tail spoiler and left-hand drive layout, it shows signs of 80s cool.

The car is retro inside too with small three spoke steering wheel to the pillars giving excellent visibility and centre console that makes today’s cars look so unnecessarily overindulgent. The gear change is obtuse because of the dog-legged gearbox that requires forethought. And the suspension feels soft and compliant, the back end unexpectedly not trying to wrestle the wheel from your hands. The 2.3-litre, four-cylinder BMW M3 engine only starts to sing from 3,000rpm onwards, as it starts to delve into its 200hp and, as I soon discover, the M3’s genius reveals itself the harder you drive it. It was reloaded in 1986 with a price tag of £22,750 which sounds high but what you get is extreme performance from the King of Saloons.

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