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BMW M4 Gran Coupe Is Not Going To Happen

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Jul 7,2014

BMW fans have been wishing for a new BMW 2015 M4 Gran Coupe and one of my friends was about to buy a new BMW and said that “I am going to hold off until I can get a Gran Coupe version”. Coupe will never become a reality. Darn! Darn it all! BMW planned to introduce a 4-Series Gran Coupe with an extra pair of doors and hatchback, but in the M version there was a 425 horse power twin turbo straight six BMW engine.


BMW explains that they put the plan into bin because of costs of making the Gran Coupe for M4, while the M sales chief Jorg Bartels said that at the launch of new M4 in the Australian markets; BMW will definitely consider an M4 Gran Coupe. However they decided against it because the entire production line up is laying off workers in different areas of Germany. The 3-Series and 4-Series Coupe and Gran Coupe are all built in different factories and adding the M production to a new production facility does not make any sense in financial means, said Bartels.



Apart from several rumours, i think that we are not missing much as recently our experts rode in a 435i Gran Coupe in a parade lap and you will be amazed that how similar it was to a 3-Series. If you still want the M4 Gran Coupe then it’s better to change your mind to think about the M4 Convertible, set to debut next year. However, if you still like four doors then there is always an option of M3.



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