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BMW Is Second Largest Auto Maker In The World in the 2014 Top 100 Ranking Brands

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May 26,2014

Why rational people select a BMW than a Hyundai or Audi? Secondly, what could possibly appeal to a customer to pay almost three or four times extra for a car that offers same options and features as the one that could be bought for almost three times less? It is brand awareness that can dictate the shopping habits of the customers around the world and companies started to learn this marketing technique back in 60s, and now they are getting full benefits from this practice. It was the time when the big logo trend started around worldwide. In 80s, clothes with big logos were introduced in the market. Everyone feels proud of their brands and the same goes with cars and fashion. There is another psychological factor that impacts badly and it is the belief that expensive buy returns best quality, some time, it is true but usually you might wish to re-think.





All this discussion also influences the rankings of the brands and companies, that’s why 2014 Brands Top 100 has issued rankings for the car makers because people want to know about their brands and their progress as well, either they are profitable or not.


This time, top four positions are occupied by Google, Apple, IBM, and Microsoft and they have proved that these companies are world’s most valuable organisations at the moment. But as we are talking about the auto division, things are much more complicated and different however, the best rank is earned by Toyota with an estimated brand value of $29billion and it is followed by the one and only BMW with the brand value of $25billion.


According to the list BMW has occupied 32nd place while Toyota is sitting at 26th. These two manufacturers are in top thirty and followed by Mercedes at 42 and Honda on 70th position. BMW is growing gradually if we compare it with the previous year’s data, from where BMW fell two positions in the list. It is an almost 7% growth in a year.



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