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The 2016 BMW M3 and M4 Are Expensive Than Ever Now

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Jun 6,2015

Both of these new vehicles have now premium pricing for their 2016 models but is the new price Justifiable

BMW is one of the biggest brands in the world. Most of the vehicles are justly priced but what about the premium of £787 for the 2016 M3 and M4 coupe and £918 for the M4 convertible? With their 3.0-litre straight-six BMW engines, which produce 425bhp and 406 lb-ft, is it all really worth it?



Why the increase?


What we have learnt is that the 2016 BMW M3 is priced at £42,055 and the M4 coupe starts at £43,497 whereas the convertible goes at £49,069. So the question is, Why this increase?


Well, the increase is most probably due to the new standard features like the Comfort Access Keyless Entry, Harman/Kardon Surround Sound System and Satellite Radio, added for the 2016 model year. It also gets the body-matching door accents and the LED tail lamps.


Do they come with the extra package?


Yes, they do. But you have to pay £1,114 for the Driver Assistance Package and if you opt for the Executive Package, you have to shell out £2,295. There is another option, the Lighting Package, which offers automatic high beams and adaptive LED lights, which will cost you extra £1,246.


The Performance packages, on the other hand, adds M double-clutch transmission with Drivelogic, but that will come with an extra cost of £1,901.



The most painful option is the M carbon ceramic brakes, for which you will have to pay a hefty £5,343.


Any other accessories?


If you have real deep pockets and are willing to shell out few more pounds, you can get M suspension, a sunroof, side and top view cameras, 19-inch wheels, a parking assistant, power rear sunshade, enhanced USB and Bluetooth with smartphone integration.


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