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2014 BMW X4 is More Dynamic Version of X-Series

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Jun 23,2014

BMW’s new X4 is more dynamic version of X-Series that can surely divide the opinion. The X4 is solid evidence that BMW doesn’t base its new approach on opinions from journalists, who have a tendency to find its improved and larger fellow, the X6, about as attractive as flatulence. Instead, it has taken the wild scheme of observing what customers want to pay for, and building models BMW thinks they would like.


As even as the X6 might not be well-liked in the UK, but it is famous in China and the US, where the volume of its yearly 36,000 sales come from. The X4 will be offered In the UK with three diesel engine options including a 2.0-Litre 190bhp, and two straight six versions of 258bhp and 313bhp powered by turbos. The most powerful version will be offered for £48,995 and it is an xDrive35d, has the 0-62mph timing of just 5.2sec, which is almost certainly about as fast as you’ll ever want; even the slowest version manages it in a highly regarded 8.0sec. Sadly, the only engine offered to test at the car’s introduction was the xDrive35i with 3.0-litre turbo petrol.



Just like the X6 which is the Sport activity Coupe version of X5, so is the X4 of X3 which is built in BMW’s Spartanburg plant in South Carolina. BMW has offered a performance control mechanism as standard on all X4 versions but you can choose the throttle response and eight speed automatic transmissions as standard.


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