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BMW 116i, a small but reliable car perfectly designed for the small families

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Mar 25,2021

Look at this 1 series car is a bit peculiar so you can identify it from other cars that belong to the series

BMW 116i is the least powered petrol model of 1 series so you may find some features missing. In fact, it is the cheapest way to own a car of the series so a little bit of compromise is obvious, otherwise pricier models lose their appeal. Apart from Audi and Mercedes small cars Volkswagen Golf also poses a challenge to this car so BMW was required to do better. 

Twin scroll turbo unit is fitted to this car and though it has less power but more torque makes it sporty. Old BMW116i engine for sale is another means to experience BMW excellence. Four-cylinder power machine pulls this hatchback nicely so lack of power is not an issue. You can choose either manual or auto transmissions and later are preferred by most buyers. 

Six manual transmissions are sleek in manner but eight speed auto transmissions are even better. Accurate and responsive steering familiar to BMW cars is also there to steer 116i. With the change of drive mode behaviour of steering changes and in Eco mode it is really light in weight so driving on busy roads becomes easier with this model. 

Direct response and heavier feel are attached to Sport mode so as you press the button you get it. Speed pedal also becomes more responsive so little push on it gives more acceleration than any other driving mode. Though eighty per cent of buyers prefer auto transmissions but the standard manual gearbox is a driver’s delight. To enjoy engaging drive you do not need to spend extra.

Class leading interior of the car

Look at this 1 series car is a bit peculiar so you can identify it from other cars that belong to the series. A mixture of some classic BMW design and few exclusively 1 series looks have made it nice looking small family transport. Some models of the car are quite popular so used car buyers can focus on these models. Reconditioned BMW 1 series engines also serve the same purpose of saving money but new car charm is great when you afford it. 

There is no cheap impression either exterior or interior so it is very much a BMW car. This is why people like these small family cars. For young aspirant buyers, it is an easy way to own a car of a big name. Class leading interior of the car offers a magnificent travelling experience though room for passengers is not generous. 

Now you can have 3-door and 5-door models of the series and the look has been made GT like with aerodynamics. Long wheelbase affords a longer bonnet but the short rear side tells you boot space is little. In the M Sport package, you get bigger wheels of 18 inches and a more impressive kit. 

Blue paint of exterior makes it the most prominent but the hind side of A3 is much impressive than 116i. The longer wheelbase has allowed ten per cent more space for cabin occupants so they are less cramped at rear seats than the outgoing car. BMW always try to offer something better in every model and the new 116i has definitely increased appeal for the vehicle.

The use of aluminium is also evident

After occupying front seats you feel as if these are made especially for you and the look and feel of the dashboard is amazing. Materials used by BMW are soft and you also notice leather for the interior. The feel of the stuff satisfies the buyers for paying a high price for the car. The use of aluminium is also evident on steering and red stitching gives a nice contrast to the interior. 

Rear seats can be folded to create more room for luggage or gears otherwise you have 360 litre space at rear most. BMW engines suppliers UK has a variety of power units and each of them has carefully been tested. Used car engine suppliers are quite conscious of their repute so they offer you reliable engines. 

Relevant details and features of these power units can be discussed by buyers to get the necessary insight. Standard features for the car covers basic modern day demands and for further amenities, you can have the M Sport Package. The entry-level diesel car of the series is expensive and for daily commuting fuel average is not ideal so 116i is practically the better small family car of the series.

Such shortcoming cannot be ignored

The annual road tax is £125 which is again less than the diesel option which offers better drive dynamics. Electric sunroof, power door mirrors, heated and power-adjustable seats, metallic paint, sat navigation, rain-sensing wipers rear camera and parking sensors can be added to features of the car but the cost will be far higher. 

BMW has made available all desired specifications in the list of options so every 1series car can be upgraded to a real upscale vehicle in small size. Hyundai i30 offers leather seats, reversing camera and a navigation system as standard so buyers can prefer this alternative over the car of a big name.  Such shortcoming cannot be ignored so BMW needs to bring some unique features to this vehicle. For safety features, the car gets the best rating from Euro NCAP and this premium small hatch has the best quality materials and fantastic finishing so you not only get the big name but also value for your money too.

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