BMW 116i small in size but with high-quality features

BMW 116i small in size but wit...

  •   February 10, 2020
BMW 116i small in size but with high-quality features

The rivals of this car focus more on the cabin size and offer more space

BMW is a known luxury carmaker and by manufacturing small affordable cars like BMW 116i it offers identical upscale cabin and plush exterior to car buyers around the world. The company has a kind of repute for producing performance-centric power machines, which it rightly cherishes, so second hand BMW 116i engines for sale are also present in the United Kingdom. For urbane behaviour and low running costs are also positive aspects of the vehicle and you can easily be convinced for having it. New models of BMW 1 series cars have witnessed a major shift from rear-wheel drive to the front and all-wheel drive configurations but this has not dampened the appeal of the cars. Vehicles belong to this series now come with more space so better accommodating rear-seat passengers. This vehicle has turbocharged petrol unit of four-cylinder which has the same gutsy character of high fuel average and punchy nature. It is the same one you find in most cars of the series but tuned for better fuel average than others. None of the features of cars disappoints you as the company nicely maintains the use of fine stuff to build even small cars. With some peculiar features, this car carries classic BMW looks so you can identify it among others. There is another way to own this car or enjoy its engine performance and it is to purchase older models at very affordable prices or install reconditioned BMW 116i engines UK under the bonnet of your vehicle. With a maximum torque of 220Nm you can calculate the acceleration it can offer.

Top speed of this small car is

BMW 116i gains speed of 100km/h in 8.7 seconds which is quite similar to sporty luxury vehicles’ time to reach this speed mark. It gets power from a four-cylinder unit with a turbocharged system. Top speed of this small car is 210km/h and has an optional power booster is available too. Thus skid control is assured and brakes remain effective on difficult terrains and in slippery conditions. BMW supply and fitting service is a cheap option for people facing issues with power units and having no immediate possibility to purchase a new car. These service providers are well equipped to take care of your needs of installation of used car engines. Fuel consumption is observed between 5.6 litres to 5.9 litres for a distance of hundred kilometres. Mostly it is usual for BMW cars to carry classical BMW appeal with some changes and this car observes the same. Alloy wheels and fog lights on the front are striking parts of the exterior. Doors of 116i constrain a bit of getting in and out the movement of cabin occupants but once you are in then you forget it. Inside the car, you get many features to enhance your ride and drive experience. It includes air conditioner, heated door mirrors, adjustable steering both in reach and rake and electric windows. Crash safety test of the car proves it very reliable automobile. Total six airbags are there to safeguard passengers of the car in case of collision and side-impact bars. Other features include ABS which prevents locking of wheels and they maintain tractive contact with the surface a vehicle is moving on.

Most buyers go with the auto option to avoid

BMW 116i is also facing the challenge of semi-premium cars in the segment. The engine of the vehicle is 1.6 litre which gives you more torque as compared to the figure of power output. Standard speed transmissions are manual and six in numbers but you also can opt for eight-speed transmissions functioning automatically. Most buyers go with the auto option to avoid manual changing of gears. Shifting from one driving mode to the other also changes the behaviour of steering as Eco mode makes it lighter in weight for easy manoeuvring on busy roads and parking. To enjoy thrilling drive just push Sport mode and get steering heavier for a direct response with speed pedal showing greater acceleration as you push it. It is small in size but a fine choice when you go through performance and physical features.

Other automatic safety features you find

Electronic stability control is also helpful to enhance the safety of cabin occupants as it gives you better stability and avoids skidding. Another important specification in this regard is belt pre-tensioner which kept the safety belt in place when a collision happened so that people can avoid striking against the windscreen. Other automatic safety features you find in the car are alarm, central locking, immobilizer, locking wheel units and remote locking. In this way, you get good protection for both people and the car itself. Among entertainment possibilities, you get connectivity options, CD player and Radio. Other options also can be included in this category as you have space as well as flexibility. The most alluring aspect of this car is that it is the most economical option to own a car with a BMW badge. The car does not miss the true luxury nature of the brand so when you own it you must be happy to see it is no way less opulent than cars of other series. The advent of rivals in this class of premium small vehicles made the competition tougher so BMW needed to rise bar higher.