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BMW 123d, a Best Car for Executive Class

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Jan 6,2020

The cabin has been designed to serve driver in the best way but you surely notice the low plastic quality

BMW 123d is a lighter vehicle than petrol 135i and surely better performer too. BMW 123d engines in 1 series cars of this German brand are known for their excellence in output while consuming fuel smartly.

The car has the latest BMW 2.0 litre diesel unit along with both manual and automatic six-speed transmission system which has advanced in quietness so you will not find it clattering as the previous did. It has also gained in balance and smoothness so you enjoy riding it more than ever before. At low revs, you get ample torque which overwhelms you with the feel of agility.

There is no pause in throttle response so while driving it is hard to find usual shortcoming of diesel units. M Sport model of the car shifts ride on the firmer side and it is normal if you are aware of sports vehicle behaviour.

This coupe has a cramped second row of seats but boot space has extra 20-litre space as compared to the hatch model. The cabin has been designed to serve driver in the best way but you surely notice low plastic quality used for some parts of the interior.

This car has BMW Efficient-Dynamics which are rated well by critics. With these dynamics, fuel efficiency has improved further.

 Nice dashboard layout and user-friendly technology

Start-stop is an obvious inclusion in these dynamics and price of the car is another plus as 3series coupe is pricier and makes 123d a certain choice. The car offers a rare combination of performance, affordability, low fuel cost and dynamic engagement so it is hard to put off.

Second-hand power units of these vehicles are also present in the market and BMW 123d engines for sale give you the right opportunity to experience classy engineering piece of renowned car maker. This coupe has room for two adults at rear seats so four people can enjoy a ride at a time.

Nice dashboard layout and user-friendly technology is also a positive aspect of the interior. As the car has rear-wheel drive configuration so it is more entertaining than coupes having front wheel drive settings.

This advantage tarnished the rivals like TT and this coupe remains superior in this regard. In appearance, it is very much like other 1 series cars but with the extra length, it is closer to 3series two-door vehicle.

The exterior of the car becomes sharper with M Sport bumpers and side skirts so appearance to some extent reveals true characteristics of the car. While having a shared look of 3series coup it does not loose practicality of a hatch.

To reach the benchmark of 100kmh speed it shows better time

The real focus remains on the engine and it has 2.0 litre four-cylinder unit just like 120d but with twin-turbo power which enables for gutsy show. Small turbo works well on low revs and for high revolutions, there is a bigger turbo.

With this system there is no lag and performance remains smooth throughout. It also proves 123d responsive on the move than its closest rival TT. To reach the benchmark of 100kmh speed it shows better time with the considerably heavier body but in the real world, you find it accelerating far better than others.

While standing still its engine clatters but as you make it move it becomes quieter and while cruising on a motorway speed it is a refined car. Run-flat tyre technology plays a vital role in saving fuel, controlling road noise and reducing carbon emission.

Fixed price package of service keeps cost nominal

BMW 1 Series engines replacement is good for cars of the same segment. You get fuel average of 35mpg and it is in real life which may be stated higher on papers. It is with stop-start technology and in presence of brake regeneration system.

With spacious cabin and power of the twin-turbocharged engine, it leaves contender well behind. This car manages to retain almost half of its value after three years which is quite low as compared to Audi. Fixed price package of service keeps cost nominal as you get this facility for three years.

There is another package of maintenance and five years’ deal is also present. Carbon emission has not been decreased substantially so you have to pay road tax equal to Audi though 123d emits 1g less than Audi for every kilometre. Overall this car has worth to be given a chance for fun to driveability.

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