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BMW 5-Series Is Bang-on

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Apr 28,2014

New BMW 5-Series is the sixth generation of BMW’s 5-Series and being the fifth of this ‘New Series’ it is named ‘5 Series’. Ever since 1972 when the first executive saloon was manufactured by BMW, finally on January 29, 2008, BMW proudly built a Carbon Black Metallic coloured 530d which was 5-Series’ 5 millionth vehicle.


The most amazing thing about BMW generations is that they have been given a unique chassis number which differentiates one from another. Not to mention the naming tradition, which is very interesting in itself like the model is represented by the first digit, then size of the engine is represented by following two digits and at the last, define the petrol or diesel fuel type an additional letter or word is added.



This 5-Series consists of many variations such as the 520i, 528i, 530i, 535i and 550i are the petrol versions of BMW 5-Series. Meanwhile 520d, 525d, 530d and 535d represents the diesel models of BMW 5-Series. A 2.0-litre BMW 5-Series engine produces 218 hp, whereas 535d received upgrade and now comes with 313 hp. BMW’s revolutionary drive system ‘xDrive’ is also available with all the models of 5-Series to improve the economy and drive experience.



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