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BMW Has Finally Decided To Go FWD on Six Models By 2017

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Sep 3,2014

BMW and most German automakers are famous for their rear wheel drive vehicles but now perspectives are changing very swiftly and BMW has decided to left their traditional rear wheel drive and go like Japanese. They are exclusively using the UKL1 platform which was designed for MINI to run on front wheel drive. BMW will introduce six new models by 2017, all with front wheel drive. It is a big step for BMW to switch from rear wheel drive to front wheel drive and it will be a great pursuit for its loyalty group but BMW said that they will not be able to judge the transformation.


BMW is setting up a series of new front-wheel-drive models that will exclusively based on the new UKL1 platform. This platform is currently manufacturing the new range of MINI models.




It is planned that almost eight models will be arriving from this MINI based platform while six models will arrive by BMW’s own setup over the next few years. The UKL1 platform is exclusively designed for front wheel vehicles and offered with three pot units from BMW engines division. It is expected that all BMW engines will be turbocharged and the 2-Series Active Tourer is the great example of UKL1 platform productivity abilities. The same series will be offered with seven seats by next year as a part of BMW’s compact SUV expansion strategy. The all new X1 and the X2 from X-Series will be available with latest xDrive technology by next year.


BMW Z2 roadster is planned later in 2017 and a replacement to present 1-Series hatchback is also in development phase according to an insider.  These six models include; 2-Series Active Tourer, 2-Series Active Tourer Seven seater, BMW X1, BMW X2, BMW Z2, and BMW 1-Series with both three and five door versions.



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