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BMW M235i Is A Compact Luxury With Admired Performance

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Jun 2,2014

BMW M performance is a well admired division of BMW’s high performance sports cars and premium vehicles but apart from the entire M-Performance division, M235i is an imagination of extreme performance and superior quality in the premium compact segment. It is a unique car that facilitates its rider to enjoy the unique sport driving experience. Premium compacts are relatively small in size but these small beauties offer utmost luxury and style, some other examples include, Audi S3 and Mercedes AMG A45.


It presents a taste of 2-Series Coupe line-up but has a huge difference in price from its actual 2-Series. The M235i is an ultimate driving machine that brings a massive performance for its speed enthusiasts and for those who has a hunch for speed. It is possible that its owners can participate in the local racing contests because it has a muscular BMW engine to empower the small beauty.



BMW has equipped the M235i with the most muscular engine in its compact line up of M-performance. It is a six cylinder power unit which is further supported by M performance turbo technology to produce maximum output of 326 horsepower, and it is capable of launching the M235i from zero to 60 miles in just five seconds. When it runs on the road like a raging bull then casual braking system can’t stop it, so to stop the M235i, BMW has installed the most reliable M Sport Braking system.


It has very comfortable and luxurious interior that appeals to everyone. It has a huge neck room and reasonable leg room. Several driving modes help the driver to drive according to terrain conditions and improve the fuel consumption by up to 20 per cent. Fuel economy figures are claimed at 22 miles per gallon in the city while 32 miles per gallon on the motorway.



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