BMW M235i is replacing the 1-Series Coupe

BMW M235i is replacing the 1-S...

  •   January 30, 2014
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• Most powerful straight six engines • Eight speed paddle shift automatic transmission • Redesigned suspension system The M235i is exclusively powered by a 3.0-litre straight six turbo engine that produces 332bhp of power and feeds an eight-speed automatic transmission with paddle shift utility for fine manners and swift compliance. Six speed manual transmission is also accessible if you want one. M235i has acquired its bonnet from new 2-Series while front wings and doors are shared with previous 1-Series but remaining architecture is new and unique. It’s inaudibly good-looking, and a refinement of look might be a fine thing, given the spring span of its go. The 2-series has been engineered to give an enhanced riding experience over bumps and uneven road conditions a little that determined the M235i to that ending, the suspension system in the 2-Series is very refined and springs are stiffer, as are the dampers, and the bump stops have been renovated. On the road at least, there's a systematic succession to accomplish the most out of the M235i. Put your left foot on brake, push the throttle up to 3000rpm and release the brake. Feel a temporary halt and the slender sideways slip filling to spot on as the straight six spumes a calorific torrent of power and at 7250rpm, it temporarily fades away before shooting another throbbing strike of torque at the differential. Same again into third that sounds as unflustered at 7250rpm just as it does at 2250rpm. So, just be careful while on the steering because it is the car that goes and sounds very favourable to making you wish for drive faster. It takes only 4.8 seconds to hit the 62mph mark from a still stand. It is all because of 332bhp and 332lb-ft of torque offered by a 3.0 Litre turbocharged engine. The sad news is that the manual versions are bit slower and took 5.0 seconds for the same distance.