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BMW M4 Drop-Top Proves a Civilised Muscle

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Oct 20,2014

BMW has recently launched a muscular and high performance drop-top Coupe version


BMW M4 Coupe drop-top is an advantageous version that offers ready to move features and you have only a windscreen on your head that gives the impression of being more free and apparent. When you are driving in the drop-top scenario, you can hear the crispy sound of straight six turbo engine coming all the way through tuneful quarter of pipes.

This drop-top Coupe is packed with performance dynamics from front to rear and its muscular engine shoves it on the road when pushed. It has an electrifying performance where power comes from 7600 rpm and engine cranks out 455 bhp from 5500 rpm to 7300 rpm. To see the actual pace and ability of M4, you need an open space as it is difficult to handle such power in the congested environment. This muscular car can run with 155mph and has zero to 62 time of 4.4 seconds.

A powerful spread of torque starts from just 1850 rpm and the seven speed transmission ensuring substantial pace even without the engine to work hard, but it still has plenty of traction.

If we talk about the practicality of this new M4 Coupe then you might be surprised that the aerodynamics are very excellent, even on the speed of 140 plus. It is very easy to hold the conversation, but you might face a little unwanted draught. Air conditioning remains effective even in these conditions.

All new M4 has an impressive riding quality on the British roads, dampers are very agile even in the Sport mode and offers enough comfort on high performance levels.



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