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BMW-Toyota Alliance; First Fruit is Ready to be Picked

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Mar 24,2014

BMW is ready to introduce a two seater Hybrid sports Coupe


The new but first fruit from the alliance between Toyota and BMW will be the all new two-seater which will bung high-tech Hybrid expertise from Toyota’s Le Mans program. The super capacitor technology is used in the new car in order to boost performance and most importantly, it is used for the first time in any series of production.
The new Hybrid sports car will sire a drastically dissimilar replacement for BMW Z4 and the Supra which Toyota hinted at Detroit Motor Show with FT-1 concept, all this confirmed by the chairman of BMW and Akio Toyoda, boss of Toyota motors Japan. It was claimed in a press conference when they made the alliance to built high performance Hybrid cars. It will use a front engine layout and four wheel drive configurations unlike the FT-1 concept; it will use a direct injection petrol engine and an electric motor.


BMW and Toyota have selected super capacitors for this project because these capacitors can absorb and discharge kinetic energy more swiftly cooperatively to latest generation of lithium-ion battery pack. They are also classically small in size and light weight than all active energy storage sources currently used in the Hybrid vehicles.


The main purpose is to put a super capacitor hybrid system into production first unveiled on the Toyota Yaris Hybrid R last year. 1.6-litre petrol engine with a 300bhp to power the front wheels additionally paired with 600bhp electric motor. All this system is combined to develop 414bhp.


The structure being engineered for the modern sports car is illustrated as a exodus from that used by the Yaris Hybrid R, even though the fundamentals will be carried over. For this new sports car, shared platform structures and up to date new hybrid drivelines are also planned. We might expect this car in near future

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