How A Honda Can Give Life To Your BMW i3?

How A Honda Can Give Life To Y...

  •   September 15, 2014
How A Honda Can Give Life To Your BMW i3?

BMW i3 a cheaper version of plug-in model line-up gets power from Honda? How come?

It all started as sort of a joke, turned into an experiment and came out as a success. It is an alternative that you can use to juice up the battery packs of cars like the BMW i3 plug-in. It was in the parking area of Home Depot where a plug-in i3 was sitting all dried up, its battery pack lost all of its juice. The management at Home Depot came up with the idea of using a portable Honda generator to juice up the i3 instead of towing it to the nearest charging point for charging purpose. The generator was connected to the i3  and was put on run, guess what, it worked. After a charging time of half an hour, BMW was able to travel almost four miles. Although it was not a revolutionary drive but at least a bit educational piece for BMW i3 owners that owning a Honda generator is somehow the best alternative for saving money on an i3 charge. On other hand, Gadget Review briefly took the experiment further to an advanced level by trying to run the generator inside the car trunk, and plugged it in directly, they further added some additional ventilation system for the harmful gasses coming out of the generator. They thought it would be better to have additional vents as the process involved high levels of suffocation and reduced oxygen levels inside the car. It is a relatively productive process, why it was never used on Nissan Leaf, you will never know.