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Is BMW 116i Really An Embarrassment To Its Siblings?

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Jan 12,2013

A question aroused on the launch of new BMW 116i with 1.6-litre engine for BMW 116i that
produces only 115 hp, would it be a wise choice? Some even thought that this BMW 116i engine is actually an embarrassment to its siblings who are far more powerful than it. If you look into the fact and figures provided by BMW itself, you will know that this 116i is somewhat slower than its siblings who used engine for BMW 116i in 2.0-litre petrol displacement. Interesting thing is this petrol engine for BMW 116i itself is 1 second slower than the 2.0-litre diesel engine for BMW 116i.

Yes, this car has an adequate driving position by offering you sit low while the dashboard envelopes you well. Because it has rear-drive system so the view of its own bonnet is quiet vast. Well the electronic key slot thing and separate starter button thing is bit bothering and less practical. This car is equipped with a five speed gearbox for BMW 116i which makes the drive smooth. So it really does not feel like it embarrasses its siblings or ancestors at all.

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