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Massive Battery Extender – The New BMW i3 with improved Usable Battery Storage

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Jul 30,2016

A fast DC charging Combo Plug inlet charges 80% battery in just 40 minutes

Do you think that the new model must need to transform its engine specs, aerodynamics or size? To some extends it is correct, but in the case of new BMW i3, it is wrong. Yes it is true that the BMW i3 has launched, let’s figure out the difference. Is it the BMW engine which is reworked? No, well it must be the size. No? Then what’s new in the new i3?

Hang on a while. There is more than what you are expecting. It is the battery which is changed in the new BMW i3.

What the new Battery brings with it?

Although there is no change in speed or the aerodynamics, yet there is a massive improvement in the battery. The new version of new BMW i3 has a 50% greater battery capacity. What is improved is the 27kWh of usable storage. Due to this, there is a massive improvement in mileages, which rises from 80 miles to 120 miles, a 40 miles increase with the new battery version.

Not only this, there is also an improvement in the on-board charger. It is upgraded and it accepts high-power DC charging via a combo plug inlet. If there is a DC charging station on your path while you have new BMW i3, you will happy to know it that it will charge the BMW i3 up to 80% in just 40 minutes.

How much you need to transform the BMW i3?

It is the best option for everyone to get the new i3, just £1350 honestly transform the car. To be honest, if you think that it still drives exactly same like an i3, it is wrong. The new and improved battery will surely upgrade your perception of the car, your feel, and driving mood.

It is true that the less limit of battery always a give you a psychological pressure of draining the battery. The new battery extender i3 is free from these restrictions. A 40 miles increase is a sufficient option to be happy and relaxed with the new BMW i3.

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