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New BMW X6 M50d 2014, More of A Status Symbol

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Oct 13,2014

Refresh package to the X6 is a more of a status symbol than a true driver’s darling car.


The all new X6 2014 is captivating all-round refinement package, but there are still doubts that will it be able to beat its competitor Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class which will be open for sale early next year.

BMW has worked very hard to make the new X6 more practical than ever. BMW consider the fuel consumption and aerodynamics as focused elements however it still lack any real excitement factor as a car. But the new X6 is defiantly a more capable SUV than ever before.


It again lacks the dragging power from behind the wheels that making the X6 more of a symbol of status than a concrete driver’s darling car.

Apart from likes or dislikes, the X6 Coupe SUV has been a huge hit. Since the instigation of first generation back in 2008, it has sold over 255,000 units which is an alarming sign for Mercedes and it also forces Mercedes to introduce a rival to the X6.

They are introducing the GLE-Coupe as a bandwagon and it will be on sale by next year.


BMW M50d is a halfway house between the X6 M that is also expected soon. It is powered by a muscle BMW engine of 3.0 Litre triple turbo configuration. It is a diesel powered engine that can develop a massive twist of power of 545 lb-ft of torque.

This engine shows that it can bring some oomph to your driving experience with a claimed 42.8mpg with an additional 7mpg from previous versions.

The massive power doesn’t take you long to realise that it is a muscular diesel engine. The way it pushes the X6 on the road is a great experience regardless of which gear you are using, but just push the throttle and enjoy the things running backward on the road.


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