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The BMW 116i Engine Handles a Lot of Power Superbly

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Mar 13,2013

When the BMW 1 Series was launched it was met with the general consensus that here is a Golf-class car gifted with a brilliant chassis that could cope with more power than that on offer. A lot more power and the fact that BMW didn’t bring along the 1.6-litre BMW 116i engine to the original driving launch. So how does the BMW 116i engine size fare with just 115bhp?

Well, BMW’s own figures show that the BMW 116i engine is more than two seconds slower to 62mph than its 2.0-litre petrol sibling, which is itself one second slower than the 2.0-litre diesel-powered 1-series. The BMW 116i engine for sale will reach 62mph in 10.8sec and a top speed of 125mph. And I’m even less encouraged by the BMW 116i specs more torque figure, which is 111lb ft at a revvy 4300rpm. With its more accommodating cabin the BMW 1 Series engine is now a better option than before. There is adequate space in the boot and it is also suitable for a growing family.

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