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The Revolutionary BMW 520d Diesel Engine

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Jan 4,2013

These brilliantly used engines for BMW 520d provide cleaner environment as the CO2 emissions are 139g/km and combined economy is improved by 9.8mpg to its predecessors. The 2.0-litre BMW 520d engine for sale is a twin power turbo diesel unit that runs real smooth and quiet. This model has handsome looks and interior is spacious with panoramic glass roof, which comes as standard , which make this car very popular among the buyers. It has a wonderfully designed split opening tailgate which makes loading and unloading of luggage realy easy. It is really safe to say that its appeal has incontrovertibly been widened by lowering the price to a hefty £9000 and buyers are going for it. BMW 520d is providing a cosseting ride when compared to other GT’s. But what what is truly bothering is the noise produced by the wind and road. Steering is wonderful and there is an excellent leg room in the rear, its one car one should go for.

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