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BMW 1 Series’ 118d is Dynamically Efficient

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Jan 4,2013

BMW 1-Series 118d popped out of the fleet as one of the best sellers, now a newer version with Efficient Dynamics is due in short time. The 2.0-litre turbodiesel BMW 1-Series 118d engine happens to be the most appropriate one for it. Other engines for BMW 1-Series are available with 115hp and 181hp. Its rivals Golf and other makes’ hatches offer more room but still if you are a die-hard fan of 1-Series, you will definitely love it. It undoubtedly is far much better with its rear wheel drive composition than compare to most of the front wheel drive competitors. BMW’s marketing department is working OK when it comes to highlighting the advantages of this car. The 143 hp engine for BMW 118d is a performance engine with economy at best. It takes 8.9 sec to hit 62 from a standstill and emits 118g/km with the combined economy of 62.8mpg.

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