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BMW 5-Series – Executive Saloon with Superb Engine Choice

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Mar 10,2015

BMW 5-Series is an executive saloon that offers the splendid range of engines and class-leading handling dynamics


BMW 5-Series is still performing the best as an executive car, with excellent built quality and outstanding handling dynamics. In the current generation of 5-Series, BMW has received a few criticisms, when it was first launched. It was the car with divided opinions in the styling, but BMW has worked very hard to eliminate the criticism and continued its efforts to bring the 5-Series at top, in the styling department and for some executive rivals.

There is a choice of BMW engines available for the new 5-Series, you can select from the petrol, diesel and even ActiveHybrid. There are four petrol engines models available, ranging from 520i to 535i. 520i to 528i models offer 2.0 litre four-cylinder engines while 535i will be powered by 3.0 litre six cylinder engines. There are two range-topping versions available with 5.0 litre V8 engines. You can also opt for an ActiveHybrid eco model. Indeed, the M5 super-saloon uses the old engines but with two extra turbochargers add some powerful punches.

In the diesel fleet of engines, BMW 5-Series offers two diesel engines, a 3.0-litre engine for 530d and 535d while a 2.0-litre engine is about to lead the 518d, 520d, and 525d models. BMW has added two new trims to keep the 5-Series at the top of the range. The Modern and The Luxury trims are inspired by brilliant 3-Series.

Including two new trims, BMW offers four choices: SE, Modern, Luxury, and M Sport. All trims offer different specifications.

5-Series have impressive diesel engines to make the 5-Series most suitable for the today’s automotive requirements, such as efficiency and climate friendly features. Our engine experts have pointed some engines as favourite in the 5-Series line-up. A 2.0-litre engine is the best unit when it comes to lead 520d with 181bhp. It clocks 8.1 seconds to reach at the speed of 62 miles per hour from the standstill, while having a top speed of 144mph. Fuel economy figures are equally impressive with 62.8 mpg on average and it emits 134g/km particles of CO2.

BMW is truly astonishing and will have lot much for its rivals to think about and even worried about.

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