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BMW To Go Autonomous At Its Centennial Celebrations

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Jan 2,2016

BMW expected to show a production ready autonomous car concept at its 100th birthday next year

It is highly likely that BMW will show a production ready autonomous car concept at its 100 year celebrations next year. According to the sources,

BMW is working on its automatic and driverless technology for a long time and according to the BMW engine sales and marketing head, Ian Robertson, BMW is in position to line-up the production ready model.


What BMW says?


At a briefing in London, Robertson talked on the moral dilemma of fully autonomous cars and hinted that the automaker would show its new development in this area as a part of its birthday, which is about to come in summer.

He said, “We’ve got the ‘feet off’ stage of self-sufficiency,” he said, “and now we’re in the ‘hands off’ and ‘eyes off’ period, but only for transitory periods. The next phase will be ‘brain off’, but while the new technology could be there in, say, 10 years’ time, other factors may mean its 15 years away.


To what extent is BMW prepared for Autonomous mobility?


He further explained the moral dilemma and its factors and said, “One of those factors is what you could call the moral dilemma. In a state where an automobile from on the road is going to hit your car,

what does the autonomous car decide to do: save you by diverging out of the way of the truck, veer off into the path of another vehicle coming and probably kill someone, or smash into a pedestrian, or does it simply allow the truck to hit you? We’re not prepared for that.”


What will BMW show?


Asked about BMW’s planning for its birthday, Robertson said: “There will be some surprises to be share on the 100th birthday of automaker.

But while we will push the boat out a century of being in business, we will largely be considering the century ahead. Maybe what I’ve been referring to will be the direction of that.”

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