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BMW i3 EV Is A Premium Hatchback

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Oct 1,2014

BMW i3 electric vehicle responds superbly, strongly and immediately to a little push


The all new i3 is a premium and pure electric hatch that follows the traditional rear-wheel drive system. From its very powerful electric system, it delivers a very beasty torque and it continues all the way at all speed levels. Escorted by a seamless shove till all the way, it takes 7.2 seconds from zero to 60 miles per hour. Its top speed is just 93 mph but it is pretty reasonable for a city car.

You would not be terrified to use that electric vehicle as its battery pack returns a typical range of almost 75 miles from every charging cycle. However in the range extender package, BMW i3 has a twin turbo bike engine with two cylinders boosts up your confidence even with a bike-sized fuel tank.

It is very obvious that you can hold its battery charge once it has dropped down to 25 per cent and then car will go on the generator powered electric system. The range extender is the package that increases the battery life considerably so it can be rated as an extremely worthy feature which makes the i3 an acceptable car.

If you go softly on the battery, you can drive up to 94 miles maximum but if you go fast, you can do only 68 miles. With the range extender you can drive an extra 48 miles from a gallon of petrol in your generator. The electric system offers 40 plus mpg on generator only. If you have a fully charged battery and a full tank of petrol then you can drive your i3 well over 150 miles very comfortably.

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