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BMW M3 a Fantastic Car with Ever Smarter Turbocharged l-6 Engine

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May 19,2014

BMW introduces first ever turbocharger in the M-Series

BMW’s new generation of M-Series and M3 cars are beauties, but if you still like a classic M3 then we have an introductory buying guide for you that will help you out when you will decide on an old M3.
However, the new BMW M3 is a fantastic luxury but its partner M4 Coupe has some more fascinating features. This new generation was long awaited and so was teased by its successors such as E92 with V8 BMW engine, M3 was promised to make entry with six cylinders in-line engines which are light weight and fuel efficient.


The introduction of a turbo charger in any M3 for the first time is obviously a turning point in history. The era of natural aspiration has ended in the M3 with the introduction of new generation engines. It has smarter and efficient engines with more power on low revs, which doesn’t say that it is a bad car at all but a new cohort of M3. It is powered by a 3.0 Litre turbocharged engine which is one of the world’s most reliable and promising engines and known as world’s ever best turbocharged car engine.



But if you still don’t like the new M3 then it clearly explains that you might have some affection for old free-breathing engines. You might love the uptight 4-cylinder engine in E30 models, or an insane 3.2 Litre found in E46 or the barrel-chested V8 from E92. Don’t you? If yes then you must see that which version of non-forced induction will suit you when you own one.
As the classifieds have millions and millions of cars to sell from the German car maker but we have compiled a list of some best models out of the M breed.

BMW M3 E30 with 2.3-Litre 4-cylinder engine
BMW M3 E92 with i-Drive
BMW M3 E43 Power Dome
BMW M3 E36 with 3.0 Litre straight-six

Obviously, the list given above is the suggested one. Own or owned an M3? Share your experience with us.

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