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BMW Reveals G20 – A 2018 3-Series Saloon

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Jun 23,2015

A potent rival to Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar from BMW


Mercedes-Benz has its C-Class and the Jaguar has its XE and both of these get quite some appreciation from the fans, but when it comes to BMW nothing is better than the 3-Series. A new car, codenamed G20, is making its way to the arena to claim its rightful place in this important sector and close the gap on its rivals. InMunich they have recently revealed the Facelifted version of BMW 3-Series due in 2018.


Design Improvements


The new 3-series is cleverly packaged and aerodynamically efficient, even sportier with harder edges and sharper creases. Will BMW be able to keep its distinction and do the magic on the metal sheets of G20?

Well, the German auto maker may actually be able to pull this off, thanks to the Cluster Architecture (CLAR) which is going to be the backbone of all the rear-wheel drive BMWs from now on.


Quality will not be lesser than Audi or Mercedes-Benz


The sources say that the new BMW 3-series is going to be one piece of craftsmanship, visual and haptic quality, character and substance. It is going to be a vivacious beauty like no other. So, we’ll be seeing a model which is going to close the gap to the competition real good with its higher-quality details and enhanced specifications.


You can expect upgraded sport brakes, bespoke assistance systems, power boost for the M pack, and for the luxury model lines, a top-notch infotainment system.


Efficiency is unbelievable with three cylinder engines and hybrids


As the world is focusing more and more on greener engines, G20 is going to use a three-cylinder engine, capable of hitting the mark of 100g/km of CO2 emission.

Other new engines are the 3.0 litre V6, a 340i six pot capable of churning out 365 bhp. The top of the range engines are the M3 and M4 straight six, potent enough to produce 500bhp. The hybrids are: a 1.5-litre with 60kW motor which can run for 30 miles, and the 2.0-litre with 90kW e-motor which will run for 50 miles.

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