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BMW to Develop Touchscreen Infotainment System

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Mar 25,2015

BMW is working on the touchscreen infotainment systems to update the iDrive technology in near future


BMW is gearing up for touch screen infotainment systems in near future which will go into the previous iDrive systems. Director of BMW design group has said that the new system will offer new features to offer more luxury and joyful riding experience.

He further said, “We will see some big steps in how you operate the vehicle, voice-control and head-up display is a big part of that. But, of course, using an iPad sitting on the sofa is easier than when you are on the motorway. This is a challenge that we’re working on, and there will be a role for rotary-controlled iDrive for the foreseeable future, even as we introduce touch-screen.”



When the new touchscreen technology will arrive, it will definitely going to change the interior of BMW cars. Director of designs has rejected the idea of a Tesla styled flat one-piece touchscreen central console.  He said that the touchscreen interfaces use big flat panels, but BMW designers don’t like it to be flat at all, either it is a central console or exterior of BMW models. BMW is looking for some flexible screens and they are just around the corner. It will offer seamless integration between display and shape.


After the briefing from BMW design director, it is very clear that how far away is the futuristic technology of BMW. Curved touchscreens, nasty interiors and most advanced infotainment systems are the future of BMW models. It is more likely that BMW will offer this technology on the futuristic i-Series before they offer it on any other models.

It has been hinted by the design director as well that it will be introduced on i-Series, “think-tank that encourages us that big leaps are possible, and helps us to prepare for whatever might come, and we want to keep the think-tank alive.”

In the future, BMW is looking to change the way people drive beamers and it is the challenge for the BMW designers to introduce some curvy and reshaped interiors.

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