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BMW X5 is Stylish and Fun to Drive

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Jan 7,2013

The BMW X5 was one of the first SUVs to be designed for on road use rather than off road. It focused on delivering style, handling and comfort rather than rugged go-anywhere ability. Its now in its second generation and it’s smarter, more efficient and more capable than ever before thanks to a wide range of diesel engines and hi-tech gadgets.

The original BMW X5 was introduced in 1999 and when the second generation came along BMW decided not to change the styling too much because it still looked good. The new model has now been around since 2007 and the same applies. Sharp lines, stylish alloys and good proportions mean it looks as modern as ever. The interior has stood the test of time well, still managing to feel up-to-date and premium.

the diesels are the most popular engines, and the M50d diesel model boasts the same performance as the 50i petrol, but the figures are 37.7mpg and 22.6mpg respectively. It’s a similar story when you come to look at the road tax too. Going by current rates you’d save £555 in the first year having opted for the diesel. The ‘Service Inclusive’ package is great value, too, and covers all servicing costs for 5 years/60,000 miles.

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