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BMW X5 Plug-in Hybrid Coming Soon

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Mar 10,2014

BMW has been on the Hybrid technology since couple of years and they have made several researches prior to launch any plug-in Hybrid SUV to confirm the reaction of customers. X5 was under consideration since years as an option for a plug-in Hybrid and the prototype for this massive modification was expected to preview the production model which could be called X5 eDrive.


Recently, it was seen under attesting with different name as BMW X5 eDrive Plug-in Hybrid and it was more likely expected that X5 is ready to be launched any time in 2014 or 2015 but BMW was hushed on this issue. It is likely to be introduced under the name of X5 xdrive40e while BMW has revealed official details of this Plug-in Hybrid X5. This Plug-in Hybrid version is likely to be powered by a twin turbo engine and a powerful electric motor.




This four cylinder twin turbo engine is capable of generating a massive power punch of 171 horsepower and this power is further assisted by an electric motor of 95 horsepower which is capable of leading the vehicle up to 70mph on electric power alone. On this motorway speed if you want to go fully electric then these Hybrid batteries on the X5 eDrive can last up to 19 miles or 30km. The electric version of X5 is reasonably swift with 0-62 miles per hour sprint in seven seconds only. The all new X5 can be charged from any domestic power socket. Underneath the load area it has a high voltage battery pack as a crash safe option.


On the part of twin turbo engine, it is an efficient engine though with an average fuel economy of 74.3 miles per gallon on an average European cycle. Carbon emissions of almost all electric Hybrid vehicles are considerably low but in the case of X5 it has 90g/km of CO2 emissions.



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