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BMW’s New Super Car Powered By Petrol Engine and Electric Motor

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Feb 26,2013

The BMW i8 is a proper sports car by BMW with a plug-in petrol-electric hybrid powertrain. It has a 1.5L 3 cylinder turbocharged petrol BMW engine under the bonnet. There is also an electric motor that delivers 129bhp channeled through the front axle while the engine adds 220bhp and a 300Nm of torque. That makes the total power output of 349bhp. This BMW engine for sale takes the car from zero to sixty in just 4.6 seconds which is equivalent to the dual clutch fitted BMW M3. The top speed of the i8 is limited to 155mph. BMW claims to return the fuel economy of 104mpg.  The less weight of the car plays a key role in returning such a good economy and i8 weigh 1,480kg. It has been made possible as the i8 has been built from carbon fibre reinforced plastic.

The doors of the i8 open upright just like Lamborghini and the interior is similar to other BMW cars. The BMW i8 is expected to hit the UK markets within the next 18 months along BMW i8 the electric supermini.

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