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Celebrations are ON as BMW M5 turns 30

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Apr 14,2014

BMW’s Secret is Out, M Power Celebrates 30th Birthday


BMW has one of the most powerful brand series M and now its M5 has just turned 30. There is a secret celebration going on in there and they are looking back at all the previous models of its glorious saloons. A video has been leaked of the celebration where latest M5 is shown making smoky donuts.


It was the year 1985 when first M5 made its debut and was crowned as the most expensive model ever made by the company at that time. There is a potent 3.5 litre six cylinder engine, churning out 282 hp in the BMW M5. It is still one step ahead of rest of the world as it is the fastest production four door sports car in the world at this time.




BMW is still not revealing this surprise as they are planning to have all five generations of M5 indexed and there is a mere possibility that sometime later this year, we might see a special anniversary edition model. This is just a speculation at this time; it might come true or might not. Let us all wait and see how things turn out.




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