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MINI is Downsizing!

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Apr 7,2014

BMW refocuses the brand and the Mk4 Mini line-up is likely to be launched with just five models at the end of the decade.


There will be only four or five models in the fourth generation of MINI and it is said by Peter Schwarzenbauer, he is the member of BMW board for MINI and Rolls-Royce. Schwarzenbauer further recommended that the Mini line-up could be abridged from the six or seven models intended for the third-generation range, due at the end of the decade. He also said that he would like to make out the styling of prospect Mini models to transform to have much superior segregation. His astonish involvement came just days prior to the global unveiling of the new Mk3 Mini. He thought BMW had to be “sensitive about the number of variants and size. It is better to go in a different direction to concentrate on doing less but better”.


Schwarzenbauer’s delineated arrangement involves further developing the design and manufacture quality of the fourth generation Mini line-up more than that of the Mk3, achieved by focussing Mini’s research and development spending on a lesser number of models. Schwarzenbauer would also like to see a small Mini design studio in London as at present Mini plan team is in Munich. In the Mk4, ‘hero cars’ come into view to be a three-door hatch, a convertible and a proper SUV. Schwarzenbauer said, “Each model must be a hero in its own market and have the trademark personality, style and go-kart handling.”


This new approach could also effect in Mini stirring upmarket and away from its present pricing strategy. A hatchback to be contend in the Volkswagen Golf class, priced from about £17,000, is probable. High priced Minis also make more wisdom reasonably because these are UK made, which has comparatively high manufacturing costs.

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