What does new Avensis Offer with the 1.6 Engine Built by BMW Group?

What does new Avensis Offer with the 1.6 Engine Built by BMW Group?

  •   June 4, 2016
What does new Avensis Offer with the 1.6 Engine Built by BMW Group?

The new Toyota Verso is a seamless match of transmission and Electronics

Toyota Motors and BMW group signed a contract for working relationship, according to that Toyota gets fuel efficient BMW diesel engines from BMW group. The first agreement of long-term strategic partnership between two automobiles giant was signed back in 2011 since then both the said companies had shared engine technologies for long-term sustainability in the automobile markets of UK Europe and other specific regions.

Entry Level Toyota Verso

The entry level model of Toyota Avensis family was first released back in 2014. It got 1.6 liter D-4 D diesel engines from BMW as a result of the first step of collaboration between Japanese automaker and German automobile giant. The Toyota Avensis 1.6 D-4D was first developed at the technical centre in Belgium; it had a strong combination of electronics and Toyota transmission that ensures smooth running of Toyota Avensis.

Engine Specification and Performance Details

The Avensis 1.6 engine got 111bhp output and able to deliver a torque of 270Nm whereas CO2 emission stayed at 119g/km. The new Avensis is a noise free with its 1.6-litre diesel engine. However, it performs well on the roads with its innovative engine technologies on top of 111bhp power output. The new Avensis is on sale since June 2015, at the price of £21,995. It returns fuel economy of 46.6mpg. The leading auto experts have called the new Avensis, fit for purpose and problem free vehicle within its category. The drivers call it an easy car to handle and drive.

Future Vehicles

The collaboration deals also included technology sharing to develop Hybrid vehicles as well as mid-sized sports cars. The research to design and develop lithium-air batteries and lightweight technologies is also underway as a part of collaboration deal. for more tech related news, visit learntechnews