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New BMW X6 With New Engines

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Feb 11,2013

BMW has revealed its plans to launch a new BMW X6 within the next one and a half year as answer to the similar 4 wheel drives already announced by rival car makers Audi, Land Rover and Mercedes-Benz. The second generation will get the new range of BMW X6 engines. The petrol engines for BMW X6 will include a power tweaked twin scroll turbocharged 3.0L and a twin turbocharged 4.4L V8 BMW engines. The BMW diesel engines will be a 3.0L sequential twin turbocharged and a 6 cylinder tri turbocharged 3.0L units. The gearbox for BMW X6 is expected to be an eight speed auto.

Design wise, the new X6 will not resemble much with the its sister car the X5, although it will be based on the same monocoque platform that is used for the next X5. The next generation X6 will be a bit longer (4910mm) than the current version (4877mm), that would result in extra cabin space which is probably the weakest point of the current model. It would also be less in weight, thanks to the use of hot-formed high strength alloys.

Apart from the new X6, there are smaller and more affordable X2 and X4 also joining the SUV range of the German car manufacturer making the total number of four wheel drive cars by BMW to six by the end of 2016.

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