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The BMW 220d Will be the Top Seller

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Mar 3,2014

The basic BMW 220d is still one of the finest handling coupes you can still for under £30,000. More than that, though, it feels like a really grown-up, comfortable car with a high-quality cabin and premium design. The only real let-down of this package is the engine, which is too brusque under acceleration. There’s always the second option; the smoother 220i petrol.


The sporty M235i is the star of the range but this BMW 220d model is set to make up the majority of BMW 2 Series sales. The 0-62mph takes just 7.2 seconds and fuel economy stands at 58.9mpg. Go for the automatic and those figures improve to 7.1 seconds and 64.2mpg. Its looks make it differ from the 1 Series.


You’ll have to make do with only four seats but you do get an extra 30 litres of space in the boot over the 1 Series. The 220d is fun when it comes to handling. The slightly softer set-up means you can feel the body moving around a bit more. This 220d model is one of three diesel choices, though all are powered by the same 2.0-litre BMW diesel engine, just in various versions. The bad news is that this engine sounds pretty gruff. Some excellent four-cylinder diesels have been released recently and this BMW unit is beginning to look outclassed in terms of refinement. It tackles motorways with the comfort and refinement you expect of a far more expensive car. That’s not to say that the 2 Series is a cheap car in the first place, with this 220d SE model costing £25,865.


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