The New BMW 7-series Will Arrive in 2016

The New BMW 7-series Will Arri...

  •   December 19, 2013
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BMW is entering a new era of car manufacturing and looking to introduce its new generation of 7-Series cars. This new generation of BMW 7-Series is in prototype form according to the BMW news and it was caught on camera while it was being tested by BMW engineers. BMW at this time is working on an innovative cohort of the 7-Series which is likely to be even hotter and pretty than its chief rival, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The new BMW 7-Series is whispered to get a blend of materials in its formation, imminent from the new i3 and i8, in conjunction with the utilisation of conformist aluminium and traditional steel. Some carbon fibre sheets will most likely to be used on the covering, on the boot top and on the roof. These resources will facilitate to perk up the fuel cost-cutting measure of the new 7-Series, the braking efficiency, the handling and certainly the swiftness of the vehicle. So far as the BMW 7 Series engine line-up goes, reports are showing that there is no place for a V12 in the 7-Series but BMW will launch a plug-in hybrid edition, developed with the support of Toyota and its expertise. The new M Performance model will acquire a V8 twin turbo engine beneath its hood but the M Division is still not fascinated in presenting a spot on M version of the new 7-Series. BMW has just announced a partnership with Continental technology which supply Self-sufficient car technology. Other characteristics offered in the new 7-Series will comprise of WiFi aptitude, 3D maps with real-time traffic and weather information, improved voice activation and a great deal of more gadgets. Further details on the model are incomplete.