MINI Gets Bigger With 2016 Clubman

MINI Gets Bigger With 2016 Clubman

  •   February 27, 2016
MINI Gets Bigger With 2016 Clubman

The Clubman was always known as most practical MINI with a variety of MINI engines but 2016 model makes it even better

BMW MINI offers a colossal model line-up with a range of powerful yet fuel economical BMW engines from smaller 3-cylinder units to 4-cylinder based engines or even larger units with larger displacements. The Clubman is one of the most practical MINIs across the line-up. It is known as the best MINI model ever produced by the BMW MINI, on the bases of practicality, reliability and liveliness.  

It’s MINI but the big one!

The Clubman 2016 version is a fair bit longer than its predecessor while being taller, and wider as well. All these traits make the MINI Clubman largest ever MINI. New Clubman has a longer wheel-base, larger head room and legroom that offers better riding experience.

MINI Clubman Engines

BMW MINI clubman engines line-up is based on both petrol and diesel units however, it is up to the customers that either they like to go with a four cylinder 2.0-litre MINI engine or act as fuel economy conscious drivers and go for a 1.5-litre 3-cylinder engine. Both Clubman engines feel lively on the road and even in the heavy traffic.  With the double exhausts, these engines emit a fruity gurgle when pushed hard.

Clubman Cooper D engine

BMW MINI Clubman Cooper D is equipped with a refined engine that generates 150bhp and could easily pass for the petrol engine. It is a fairly larger car than any MINI hatchback but it lacks the traditional go-kart handling in its smaller MINI models.

MINI Clubman Cooper S engines

MINI Clubman Cooper S is one of the most powerful MINI cars and is powered by a fuel efficient MINI engine. With an eight speed automatic transmission, the Clubman Cooper S can gain the top speed of 142 miles per hour, which is even more than many saloons and hatchbacks available in the market. It emits 134g/km while returns an average fuel economy of just under 50 miles per gallon. The prices in the UK starting from £22,755 for this elegant model.