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Spartanburg Manufacturing Facility Is Gearing Up To Host BMW 3 Series In North America

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Apr 21,2014

It is very obvious that your next BMW will be from Spartan-burg manufacturing facility in North America


BMW has recently declared that they are considering their production plans and gearing up to build a flagship crossover X7 at its Spartan-burg, SC, factory. Now, rumours are rising that the Bavarians might be reconsidering the production of its several other models at a second North American factory. This could build its rapid selling 3 Series.


According to Bloomberg spokespersons, the German luxury monster is considering a number of potential sites for a North American manufacturing facility, together with two in Mexico, which may manufacture the 3 Series. “We will decide this in the next months. On the North American continent, there’s still potential,” said BMW production boss, Harald Krueger, in a talk intended for company team acquired by Bloomberg.



Audi has already announced to construct their production facility in Mexico and if BMW makes a decision to open in Mexico, it would be following its competitor Audi. Mercedes-Benz has been rumoured to be working on a contract with Nissan to construct its cars South of the Border as well. Rumors of Bimmer considering Mexican production have also cropped up in the past, so it wouldn’t come as a total surprise to hear it made official.


The X7 is being built exclusively in Spartan-burg for the world market and involves a $1 billion investment in the plant by 2016 to raise capacity from 300,000 units a year to 450,000 units. The factory already builds many of BMW’s crossover models.



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