Get Rid of Your Tedious SUV! BMW X7 is coming to the UK

Get Rid of Your Tedious SUV! BMW X7 is coming to the UK

  •   March 31, 2016
Get Rid of Your Tedious SUV! BMW X7 is coming to the UK

SUV alert for Mercedes-Benz and Land Rover, BMW has finally confirmed that the all new X7 SUV will be sold in the UK as a rival to luxury offerings

BMW head of sales and marketing, Ian Robertson has alleged at New York Motor Show that the all new X7 SUV is coming to the UK however the model will mainly focus on the Chinese and U.S. markets. He further said that there are several versions that fall into the top end luxury and more mainstream models and BMW cannot confirm the price yet. But he confirmed that the new X7 will have all the gadgets and technologies used in the 7-series. So that you can easily get an idea of the pricing and can say that it will be somewhere above the 7-series.

What is it?

The all new X7 is going to be a mainstream model and it will be based on the 7-series but with the x-treatment. According to the BMW officials, the model will be an extended version of the X5’s underpinnings, however the majority of parts are highly modified to give a luxurious ambiance in the X7 SUV. If you put both X5 and X7 against each other, the similarity will be very diminutive but the wheel base. There will be an extended wheelbase used on the X7 SUV.

BMW X7 engines

BMW says that the X7 would use the top range BMW engines from some luxurious models. There no chance that the new X7 will simply use the engines from X5 and X6. There is a certain chance of a hybrid model as well. Because BMW has its future plans of offsetting the carbon emissions by 2020. So that, it is the need of the time to introduce more hybrid and zero-emission models than the petrol or diesel powered models. BMW also plans to offer more hybrid models in the UK markets than the conventional models. In 2016, there will more hybrids comparative to those offered in 2015.

Expected engine line-up

It is expected that the X7 will use a collection of large six and eight-cylinder engines, where the 3.0-litre diesel in 30d, 40d and 50d trims and a twin-turbo 4.4-litre V8 petrol engine for petrol lovers. It was previously used in the X6 xDrive50i. There is no chance that the new X7 SUV will be available in the UK before 2018.